Lovable Little Garden Lizards Photo Book

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Lovable Little Garden Lizards

Lovable Little Garden Lizards Fine Art Photography Coffee Table Book Featuring Green and Brown Anoles

Green and Brown Garden Lizards (Anoles) are most abundant in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana but now are found in almost every southeastern state.

Garden Lizards Photo Book

This book about the anole lizards contains more than 75 high-quality photographs and takes a closer look the anole lizard, green and brown. The book covers their habitats, features, courtship, feeding habits and much more. 

🎥 Watch this video of a green anole eating a dragonfly 🐊

Green anoles settled in Florida long before humans. They have lived in this region for many thousands of years. Brown anoles, on the other hand, are newcomers. They are Cuban immigrants whose ancestors arrived in the 1940s and 50s. It is believed that they were stowaways on banana boats, on cigar ships, and on lumber lines.  

“Green anoles are not going extinct—they are not even endangered,” says Eugene L. Brill, photographer, author and wannabe naturalist. “The bad news is, the brown anole populations are expanding rapidly, and the perception is that the greens are declining.”  

The foreword is written by Robert A. Thomas, Ph.D., Professor and Director at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA. Distinguished Scholar Chair in the Environmental Communication Center for the Environmental Communication School of Communication, Design and Environmental Program Faculty.  

“Budding naturalist Eugene Brill has a passion for natural history and the development of novel ways to interest the lay public. He is well aware of the scientific literature that is widely available, but he recognizes the value of identifying flora and fauna that interest natural history novices or just citizens who are intrigued or fascinated by living things in their neighborhoods,” Thomas says.  

Brill shares that he hopes his passion for photography, the environment, nature and wildlife are evident throughout his books.

“Feeding my curiosity for natural history and my interest in photography, I further developed my love of the natural world that has since become the primary focus of my life. My goal is to use photography to bring history to life,” Brill says.  

Lovable Little Garden Lizards” is a softcover book with flexible, high-gloss laminated cover and is available for purchase here.  

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·       Amazon: Softcover with flexible, high-gloss laminated cover — ISBN: 978- 1006293016  

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